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so. someone stole my phone at the show tonight. used all the money i had to get it, had it two weeks. no insurance (couldn’t afford it). now they are breaking into all my accounts and changing my passwords and stuff.  I really don’t understand how a person could be that low.  I just wanted to have one good night and got completely fucked over.  whoever you are, If you’re in my tumblr too you can go fuck yourself. you are a complete disgrace. you disgust me.

so pumped for a day to remember tonight! (and rise against and title fight ha) but seriously… i love seeing adtr. adtr for life!!! ok i’m done ha
And we’re all whores, some of us just get paid.

this makes me happy
haha yes
"I’ve never been this tired in my whole life!!" -what i say to myself every day of college.

This gave me the chills. Your momma loved you so much Austin.

missing my purple

can’t help feeling that if i had visible tattoos and posted revealing pictures of myself all the time my followers would actually talk to me ha